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Post  karaclay on Sun Mar 08, 2015 1:58 am

Gee's definition of literacy is a control of secondary use of language. He defines literacy as dominant and powerful literacy. Dominant is control of a secondary use of language use din what he calls a "dominant discourse." Powerful literacy is control as a secondary use of language used in a secondary discourse that can serve as a meta-discourse to critique the primary discourse of other secondary discourses including dominant discourses. What he means by control in the above definition is the degree of being able to use to function with or control a matter of degree. Gee describes learning to be "a viewpoint on a set of symbols, and viewpoints are always embedded in a discourse."

Yes. Gee says that "literacy almost always involves learning and not just acquisition. He defines acquisition and learning as different goals. For example he says grade school kids look like they're learning literacy in school but really they learn literacy at home from their parents and acquire it in school where it is asked and needed. I agree with this statement when I think about it because when you think about it your first words didnt come from a teacher they came from being at home with your family.


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