additional source to help research

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additional source to help research

Post  lmtiefenbrunn on Wed Nov 05, 2014 1:52 pm

1. what your article attempts to accomplish and 2. what use value it could have to the paper you're writing.

Physical Activity and Self-Esteem in Girls: The Teen Years.

1. My article talked about how girls that participate in sports generally have higher self esteem. They did a survey on girls that did sports versus girls that did not participate in sports. I believe the purpose of this article was to talk about the results of this experiment. Another purpose was to encourage girls to remain doing physical activities in order to achieve a higher self-esteem. It was definitely an interesting article and I agreed with what was being said.
2. My literacy paper is about dance and how I danced in high school. More specifically, I talked about a practice and what I gained from the practice and how it made me feel. I could use this article in my paper by comparing how my self-esteem is supposed to go up from participating in a physical activity versus what it actually did for my self-esteem. I could also use this article in talking about how my team felt as a whole and how participating in a physical activity and being on the team made them feel. This is just one way I could incorporate the article into my paper but I feel like there are many others as well.


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