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Post  JohnJac on Sun Oct 19, 2014 1:11 am

I have been playing the game of baseball since I was 4 years old. I played it all throughout my highschool career. When I was a younger player, playing baseball was nothing more than putting a cap on, lacing up your cleats and having. As I aged and the game began to be taken more serious, I started to view and notice many things about the game. Baseball comes with it’s own language. Specataters in the stands may here the players in the dugout chanting and think nothing of it, but in reality we’re communicating amongst ourselves.
In my senior season of baseball, we played in our Hazelwood Classic. We had never won this tournament and our team was battle ready. We thought back to all the off season conditioning hell we put ourselves through to be at the level were at. The opposing team, Trinity Catholic had their lefty ace on their mound. “He’s got some nasty off speed with a little heat” people would shout out as they watched the opposing pitcher warm up. Throughout the game, yells of “ Come on kid!” and “What do you say now?” could be heard from both teams encouraging their fellow teammates.
As the game progressed, the other team took the lead and maintained it. Encouraging words from our coaches kept hope alive within us. With the end of the game nearing and us trailing but very points, noises erupt in our dugout when we’re up to bat. Words only a player would understand. Reason being that a lot of the things coming out of our mouth we’re just utter noise to distract the pitcher. A player on our team gets a hit with 2 runners in scoring position and knocks in 2 RBI's to give us the lead and the walk off victory.
Remembering this moment and others very similar are great. I will always remember what it feels like being in the sweltering heat at a summer league game in the middle of July. I will also always remember the first few games at the beginning of the high school season when is wet, rainy and cold. With the smell of ranch and barbecue sunflower seeds in the air mixed in with a little Gatorade and freshly cut grass. I remember the thigh and stomach burns you get when sliding into a base, and the gritty feeling of dirt getting in your mouth. I remember the pop of the glove and it hits the leather when a catch is made.


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