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Post  lmtiefenbrunn on Fri Oct 17, 2014 10:16 pm

My time had finally come! My last performance was beginning to take place seconds before my eyes. I began to walk out onto the court. I couldn't believe this would be my last performance, senior year had flown by so quick. As I began walking onto the court I looked out at the crowd knowing this would be my last chance having this view. I wanted to take it all in and stop time for just a moment. I didn't have the time to stop and think as we began to walk onto the court. Coming to a stop I waited in place patiently awaiting the cue. The music began to play and I had never felt so excited.

As I began to dance I felt a huge relief lift off my shoulders. I had practiced for weeks anticipating this performance. I felt so proud of my teammates knowing that we all came together to work towards this moment. We looked sharp and uniformed, every move in sync. As I looked around me I felt accomplishment. We had come so far as a team over the past four years. We learned to work with one another and finally become a true definition of a team.

The crowd was going wild! The stands were screaming getting us ready. Every routine the reactions of the crowd differentiated. But this time, the crowd was feeling it. The student section was supporting us the most they had all season. Their presence was felt and you could tell they wanted us to do our best! I could feel the energy building up and I was so thankful for the opportunity to be apart of such a great time with an even better coach. My coach had done so much for the team, and taught us all more than we could ever thank her for.

The music stopped and I left nothing behind. I gave it my best shot, and left no regrets. I could feel my heart beat racing out of breath. At the same time I had never felt more at peace. The crowd was screaming, applauding us on a great performance. The sweaty, smelly basketball boys began to walk back out on the court as we were walking off. I looked back one last time at the court feeling great about everything.


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