Literacy James Paul Gee

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Literacy James Paul Gee

Post  kedb79 on Tue Oct 07, 2014 9:36 pm

1. James definition of Literacy is that what he believed it meant was that he was taught to speak, think, and act like a linguist and to recognize other people when they do. He describes literacy as a discourse which means a socially accepted association among way of using language, thinking, and acting which can help people decide what meaningful group someone is apart of. He believes that learning was a certain form of discourse and believes that literacy is the secondary use of language.  

2. When I hear the word literacy I think the ability to be able to read and write. I was surprised what James said it gave me a different insight to what literacy means it made me think about how he said literacy can help show what association a person is apart of which I thought was interesting and I never thought about it like that.


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