Prewriting Assignment

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Prewriting Assignment

Post  NDeraCobbs on Mon Sep 15, 2014 1:20 pm

Blogs have become pop culture phenomena in today’s society allowing people to express themselves, spread/give information to mass amounts of people, and a social forum for interaction and opinions to be shared. When looking at blogs I consider Tumblr to be the “God Father” of blogs. I say “God Father” because it’s a social forum that incudes an array of different types of “mini blogs” within one Blog, like a template. There are so many different areas of interests covered, such as personal preferences, style, humor, informative, expressive, and diversity. Tumblr could be used for inspiration: inspiring people with fashion, home décor, projects, etc. Also enlightening: socially, politically, self, etc.

Because Tumblr allows for a wide variety of forums and genres of blogging it can be seen as a universal source of audiences. Although, I personally think the targeted audience type is people generally between the ages of 15-mid 30s, pop culture/technologically savvy, opinion/idea seeking individuals, including all race & gender. The rhetorical tools help shape the audience as well. I do think Pathos & Ethos are prominent tools used, pathos: appealing to gender, race, nationality, popular entertainment, and current events. Ethos is apparent through the bloggers: acknowledging & giving careful consideration to an audiences viewpoint, reminding the audience of common interests/concerns, Acknowledging the audiences intelligence/common sense, & placing issues with a larger framework.

Tumblr allows the audience to communicate through comments and re-posting, which allows people to repost ideas or pictures (maybe even inspirations) to their own blog for other audience members to view. It’s a “shareable” forum, meaning everything can be viewed by everyone, call it an “extreme social forum.” Audience members are then “re-blogging” so there is a constant cycle of social interaction and connection.

Tumblr is a blog that allows it’s audience members to interact and engage in active blogging and is a mass social forum that spreads information through common interests. The audience in a sense isn’t just the audience but also the blogger because they can relay or share information seen immediately.


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