Four Paragraph Essay about Blogs

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Four Paragraph Essay about Blogs

Post  kedb79 on Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:56 am

The blog that I chose to write about was a fitness blog discussing the pros and cons for getting a personal trainer. The creator of the blog is Susan Gernhart. She wrote it to inspire people to get a personal trainer. She talks about how much a trainer has changed her life and is mostly on the side of getting one. There are a few cons to getting one for example, it can be expensive and a difficult process. Gernhart presents her blog in a positive manner. She stresses how life changing for it was for her to get a personal trainer. Personal trainers can make a huge difference in someone’s life for instance in the blog it reads “PT’s make it their obligation and duty to get to know you and your body – your weaknesses and strengths, capabilities and inadequacies. They are your counselor, friend, stress reliever and motivator. They are there when you feel the lowest and stay with you as you grow or when you fall.” (Angela Bredenkamp) What she is saying is that when you find the right PT they can be there for you when times are hard and can truly be one of the greatest friends you may ever have.  
When I finished reading this blog I feel the ideal audience was people who are looking to change there lives and get into better shape. The comments on the blog were very positive. People were saying how helpful this blog was and that because of this blog that they were going to try out getting a trainer. People also liked how she pointed out how they can do so much more then help you get healthier. The audience I believe was looking for a spark. Something that would encourage them to try out getting a trainer. She also is very real to her viewers which I believe people really liked. For example she says how the process is not easy to stick with and it can get pricey. But, she crushes those cons by explaining that there are specials that gyms have to make it affordable for people to get a trainer. Gernhart did a great job in explaining how it is worth all of the pain, sweat, and tears. People shouldn’t settle for a trainer. It is important to find the right one for you. For example one of the writers said “A good trainer will give you homework to do on the other days of the week so you stay on-track. Track your progress and write down every workout; they will be valuable in the months/years ahead when you move on from training or if you’re stuck in a rut.”(Jenny Skoog) This writer stressed a good point on how that finding the right trainer is essential for success. That is why I believe the audience felt a real connection with this blog.
How my audience communicates is extremely positive and motivational. They talk about how this blog was very inspirational and how they also do these things. There weren’t any negative comments. Everyone really seemed to like this blog because it made people think about things people usually don’t think about. They liked how this blog was more than just saying, get a trainer because they will help you get healthier. The comments liked how she stressed how they can be like a friend. A person that you can count on when you are feeling down and a person who inspire you to do better. The audience really connected with her and felt this could really help people who are looking for that inspiration.  
A blog works with its audience in a personal way. They try to relate to other people and see if anyone else feels the same way. Some people make blogs to get stuff off of their chest and just want to express their feelings. A blog is a good place for people to say anything they want and get feedback on it if need be. When people share all of their ideas the audience can get a sense of what other people are thinking and you can compare your ideas with theirs. Blogs are a great way to get your personal feelings out there and share each other’s ideas.


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