Prewriting assignment #1

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Prewriting assignment #1

Post  JohnJac on Sun Sep 14, 2014 5:46 pm

The comic I used is named Avoidance. The comic presents itself as mature comedy. Reason being is that the plot of the comic is a man being avoided by a woman with a humorous twist. The basic plot of the comic is a guy talking to his friend asking him about a girl's number he got. The guy tells his friend that the girl's number is wrong. The girl just so happens to be acting as the automated voice that tells you when you have dialed a disconnected number. The author uses pathos in his work to evoke emotion from the audience. He does this by creating a comedic scheme that displays an everyday situation that people encounter, hence the name of the work.

The ideal and appropriate audience for this work would be for young adults(ages 18-30). This comic would be for mature readers because of its underlying sexual tone. The author uses a male and female sexual interaction to attract more mature readers. The audience in more detail might be college students or individuals who are just starting off in the work force or in their careers, and they are on the dating scene. The author uses the rhetoric of deception in a playful light.

The comic doesn't have a forum for the audience to comment on, but I can make the inference that the audience of this comic would be well-educated, young adults. I think this because the author uses very simple graphics in his work which pulls in a younger audience. The actual message of the work is very clever, which attracts a more educated audience. I would think the audience would value socializing with others since that is what the comic is based around.

The comic works with the audience by making a joke out of male and female sexual interaction, when it comes to socializing. This relates really well, not to the targeted audience but also to a lot of other people because socialization with the opposite sex is a daily occurrence for most people. The author's usage of Pathos helps in creating a connection with the audience by giving them sense of familiarity they can relate to their lives.


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