Rhetorical Analysis vs Situation

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Rhetorical Analysis vs Situation

Post  NDeraCobbs on Fri Sep 05, 2014 1:20 pm

To explain rhetorical analysis vs situation to a friend I would first make sure they understood what rhetoric was, which in short is any communication used to modify the perceptions of others through mediums such as text or speech. When contrasting rhetoric analysis from situation it's important to understand that rhetorical situation is an act constructed of a rhetor (speaker/writer) and an audience, while rhetorical analysis is the examination of interactions between text/speech and audience. The situation would be "step 1", how to relay your message to your audience most effectively and allow them to engage and understand by using different themes, voice, tone, etc. It helps shape what is being conveyed and interpreted to the speaker/writer's audience.

Although I prefer to think of myself as an individual who mainly uses ethos, I do find that when writing I appeal more to logos. I tend to try to be very logic based in that I do not put a lot of personal testimonies or relate able information in my writing, but rather factual and information based background material. I am very analytic of what I am writing about (unless specifically told not to). It is something I am wanting to expand so that I can appeal to different emotions from my audience.


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