rhetorical situation and analysis

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rhetorical situation and analysis

Post  Boyang Jiao on Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:25 am

"Rhetorical situation" is a kind of method to write using different rhetorical to the different reader. The rhetorical situation has four elements, which are writer, reader, text and medium. So "rhetorical analysis" is on the basis of the rhetorical situation to consider these four elements to write. For example, a student write a thesis and the reader is professor, thesis's rhetorical will be academic and official. However, if the article just writing to friends to read, the details just more verbal and the situation is free.

When I writing online, I will appeal pathos in most logos. Logos can show my topic and opinion clearly. Online people can contact a lot of kinds of article, a logical appeal could help my article be trusted, also the article's value could be paid attention by reader.

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