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Prezi Presentation

Post  Nick Jones on Tue Apr 30, 2013 3:39 pm

I found the presentation as a whole to be well done. It was a very good literacy story put into a format that was not only easy to follow, but also interesting. I had never heard of "pidgin" until this, and like so many others thought all dialects of the sort to be broken english. I also enjoyed how the Youtube videos added a whole new level to the presentation. Finally, I learned from this that the author and I have a similar definition of literacy.

Though I have never heard of Prezi before this class, I like it. Its format is easy to follow and captivating, and its ability to incorporate multimedia is invaluable. It took me very little time to figur out how to use it, and once i did it held my attention. It is a strong possibility that I will use Prezi for my final project.

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