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Post  captain eric on Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:58 am

Final paper: Research Paper

In this paper, it is your task to research a question using academic sources.  Your question should be honed and specific enough that you are able to find articles that address your question in meaningful ways.  This means instead of asking “Why do Americans eat fast food,” you might ask “What are the effects of a fast food burger diet on the human body,” or “What bodily processes lead us to crave fats and sugars when we don’t need them?”

You will use five academic sources through or another source of articles to find arguments that address your question.  Your paper should assess and build upon these arguments in order to attempt to either find an answer for or a better perspective on your question.

To help you think about what is expected of your research paper, consider Owl’s guide to analytical research papers:
This link suggests that your primary goal is not to persuade but to inform your audience, to synthesize information, and to explain how your sources when discussed together can provide a new and interesting perspective on your question.

Your paper should be in formal MLA format, using in text citations and a works cited page after your 5-7 page paper.

5 critical sources
A work’s cited page
5-7 pages double spaced
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