Paper 3 Outline

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Paper 3 Outline

Post  Atticus P on Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:25 pm

1. Intro / State purpose of essay
a. The purpose of this essay is to shed a little light on the issue of gun control in America by showing how the United Kingdom has significantly reduced the amount of guns on the market and how that has affected their crime statistics, from burglaries to homicides.
b. In this essay, the history of gun control in the United Kingdom will be discussed, and comparisons between the United States and the United Kingdom in terms of firearm usage will be made.
2. State history of issue
a. Hungerford massacre and the Firearms Act of 1988 (with citation)
b. Dunblane massacre and the Firearms Act of 1997 (with citation)
i. “Gun Control and Snowdrop” quote (article not available online)
c. Cumbria shootings (with citation)
i. Show current state of legislation from writings from prewrite 1 (
3. Bring forward effect policy has had
a. Violent crime rates and comparisons
i. “It is important to stress that, when looked at as a proportion…” (“Young Men Convicted of Firearms…”)
ii. “British Crime Survey statistics for the year…” (“Round Up the Usual Suspects”)

iii. Bring forward statistics found from prewrite 1 (
iv. Bring forward public feeling of weapons
1. “Lott and Mustard [1997] argue that law abiding citizens…” (“Young people’s attitudes…”)
4. Policy proposal
a. Propose and enforce a policy (whether currently existing or not) that could potentially have the best overall outcome for all parties affected.
i. “Violence and Gun Crime” quote (article not available online)
ii. Possible quote from “Young Men Convicted of Firearms…”
iii. Continue with gun control?
iv. Discontinue gun control?
b. Include own opinion, but be careful not to strongly persuade.
5. Closing / Restate points

*Sprinkle findings from Wikipedia throughout, but use proper citation.

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