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Post  SalSciara on Thu Apr 25, 2013 7:13 pm

How do performance enhancing drugs affect athletics?

In my Wikipedia search I learned that there is a long history of them in sports. The history dates back to the early 20th century in Olympic weightlifting. PEDs have been a problem in sports throughout the 20th century and continue on today. As time has gone on they have become more and more widely used and available because of technological advances.

There are may different types of PEDs. There are dozens of different types of anabolic steroids with varying effects. There is also testosterone to boost performance and different types of growth hormones such as HGH. Technology has helped PEDs advance as well as testing for them. The test have gotten better and more widely used in all sports but there also are steroids manufactured to pass these test.

PEDs enhance performance in athletes in an extreme way but there are also dangerous side effects that go along with these drugs. PEDs can make you bigger faster and stronger, they make you recover quicker from workouts, help endurance and many other things. Pretty much anything that would help an athlete in any sport PEDs can produce. There are also many varying negative side effects that go along with this, to name a few there is 'roid rage', post cycle depression, injury problems after the cycle and many other things. This is the main reason why most PEDs are illegal in the US and in sports.

One thing I learned from my search of other websites is that PED use gets a lot more attention in baseball and Olympic sports then other sports such as football and basketball. I believe this fact is due to multiple things. One is that the testing in the NBA and NFL is inferior, the NBA doesn't even test for HGH, a very popular PED in sports. Another reason I think this is, is that the leagues themselves may discreetly not want to make light of the PED problem because of bad press and they may still want these drugs in sports for entertainment reasons.


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