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Nathan Freeman
• Thesis: Is it constitutional to have the separation of church and state applied to the public school system?
I. This concept has been adopted by various countries across the globe.
A. Similar but more strict concept enacted in France and Turkey
B. Denmark and the United Kingdom maintain constitutional recognition.
II. Public schools are intended to be religiously neutral.
A. Recent tragedies are causing people to ask for the return of religion in the school system.
1.) Sandy Hook Elementary shooting caused a panic among parents across the nation.
2.) Some argue that taking God out of the public school system is the reason why these school shootings have occurred at Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and Columbine.
B. Some may believe it is the educator’s job to teach a child science, math, history, etc. and the child’s pastor, parent, or youth group leader to teach them religion.
1.) “The religious neutrality in our schools is, I would say, one of our strengths.”
a. Pastor and writer Adam Hamilton
2.) Moment of silence is given during school hours, which allows students to have the opportunity to pray or reflect on their day.
a. School system is not forcing religion upon the students this way.
b. This is fair and equal for every religion or belief, whether the student is Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, or Muslim.
C. 1/5 teachers are not Christian
1.) As the years continue to progress, America becomes a more diversified nation.
2.) Which God would we put back in school? Or in what way would God be discussed?
III. First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”
A. This amendment gives Americans the freedom of speech; this is arguably the most important amendment.
1.) MLK was allowed to fight for civil rights because of this amendment.
2.) Founding fathers believed this was necessary to protect the rights of citizens.
B. The First Amendment allows for the arrangement of religion without the interference of the government.
1.) This has caused many people seeking refuge to immigrate to America as their safe haven.
C. Teachers are told not to inhibit or deride religion.


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