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How does musical theater help kids and teens gain confidence?

Wikipedia on “Musical Theatre”
Musical theater combines dialogue, song, acting, and dancing into one performance. The musical’s story is meant to evoke emotions like sorrow, happiness, humor, anger, and love from the audience. Musicals began in the 19th century in the Western hemisphere, although performances of music have been recorded as far back as ancient Greece. Musicals are performed all over the world especially in London, England and New York City, New York. Musicals can be performed by grade school, high school, and college students, but it is not as a big of a deal as it is on the Broadway stage. Moments of greatest intensity are usually performed in song because the actor cannot express in words his or her feelings.

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At a young age, children who begin performing in musical theatre learn important characteristics and attributes that can be vital to them as they grow. People who have performed in the arts grow in confidence, accountability, disciplined, creativity, and self-esteem. By stepping out of their box, children will meet face their fears of making friends, going on stage, talking in front of other, taking criticism, and more. Michelle Simtoco wrote “Whatever fears we have facing it head on is the greatest thing we can do to build our self-confidence.”

Years ago, dancers and singers that currently perform on the Broadway stage have started as children performing in musical theaters to gain confidence and practice which they still work to perfect. Simtoco adds “… to have confidence in what you do, never stop improving and growing. The more proficient and skilled you are, the more confidence will have with yourself.” She also notices that musical theater performers are very alert. They must be ready in case a prop falls or breaks, an actor forgets his line, or the music doesn’t start in time. By being alert and coping with any surprises allows children to gain an inner strength and confidence in the things that they do.

Although performing will strengthen confidence, it does bring it down. Musicians and performers can be some of the most critical and negative people on themselves because they want to be the best. Dr. Noa Kageyama see that people can gain confidence no matter what as long as they master their self-talk, or the voice inside one’s head. He explains “…your subconscious mind is listening to everything you say to yourself, and that it doesn’t have a filter.” If one has negative thoughts or words about himself or herself, their subconscious mind will think negatively too. People must become aware of their negative thoughts and make them positive.

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