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   What Are the Consequences of Lacking in Vitamin D and Effects of Vitamin D Supplement?
   Thesis: A lacking in vitamin D leads a series of problems with human bodies. People at risk of vitamin D deficiency should take supplements.
Ⅰ. I choose two typical problems of vitamin D deficiency. A. One is rickets among young infants 1. Rickets in infants and children caused by a diet inadequate
in vitamin D was common in the industrialized
world until about the middle of the last century. 2. Herein we report our experience in the past three years with
four infants who presented at birth with rickets caused by
maternal vitamin D deficiency (VDD). B. The second is bone health in childhood and adolescence.
1. Subclinical vitamin D deficiency may be detrimental to bone 2health in childhood. 2. Vitamin D deficiency does affect bone acquisition, potentially
beginning in utero and extending into adolescence. Ⅱ. Here are two effects of vitamin D supplements. A. Vitamin D benefits on fall and fracture prevention B. There is an emerging recognition of the role ofvitamin D in the immune response to infectious agents. Ⅲ. There is a relationship between excess vitamin D and the ear. A. The effect of low vitamin D, particularly in the elderly, is well documented and includes increased fracture rates and muscle weakness. B. Conversely, however, the increased bone turnover may lead to an erosion of the ossicles or disruption of the labyrinth. These, in turn, would lead to impairment in hearing.

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