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prewriting 2

Post  nathanfree on Mon Apr 22, 2013 12:33 pm

Nathan Freeman

• Is it constitutional to have the separation of church and state applied to the public school system?

Mellor, Brian. “Church and State.” McClean’s. 4.4 (2012). 7. Print.

• This article tells us of the separation of church and state and the state’s ability to enforce this policy.

Mikell, J Thomas. “Church and State.” American History. 1.8 (2009). 6. Print.

• Informs us of the separation of church and state and pays homage to the founding fathers and their beliefs of this matter.

Hill, Mark. “The Church and State We’re In.” Ecclesiastical Law Journal. 1.5 (2012). 161. Print.

• Tells us of the relationship between the United Kingdom and the church.

Brady, John. “CHURCH AND STATE.” Folio. 1.5 (2008). 74. Print.

• The author writes about some guidelines for separating church and state. Gives a list of what should and shouldn’t be done.

Greenblatt, Alan. “Church and State.” Governing (Washington D.C.). 1.7 (2005). 36. Print.

• Gives us the Republican Party’s belief of this matter in Kansas.


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