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Post  ElisiaSan on Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:29 am

I have gone back and forth about what my question should be. I couldn’t narrow down what I thought would be a good question. In the end I came up with something that I thought I could really talk about. Should religion be taught in schools? The only thing that I can think of that would narrow down the subject would be to specify the type of religion. So, my question is, Should Christianity be taught in Public Schools?

There wasn’t any wiki information on my topic because I’m not really looking for the definition of a word. I did, however, find plenty of articles on Google that were interesting. I confirmed that people take different sides of the argument, but both have a very good reason and explanation for their choice. Some people believe that it is a violation of the separation of the church and state, while others agree on the idea that it can help learning and teaching methods.

One article had an extension to the question. It brought up and good point and had the responders thinking. It stated, “how about as an elective (a class you can choose to take).” After reading the responses, most people still stood by their first idea of keeping Christianity out of schools. Some thought that this was a great idea because students were giving the option of choosing it and it was a mandatory subject or something mentioned in classes.


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