Research Paper Prewriting 2

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Research Paper Prewriting 2

Post  Atticus P on Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:33 am

Young People’s Attitudes Towards Guns in
America, Great Britain, and Western Australia

Cooke, Claire A. "Young People’s Attitudes Towards Guns in America, Great Britain, and Western Australia." Aggressive Behavior 30.2 (2004): 93-104. Print.

This excerpt helps to show a comparison between the UK and America in terms of these “hot burglaries.”

Young men convicted of firearms offences in England and Wales: an
exploration of family and educational background as opportunities for

Hayden, Carol, Gavin Hales, Chris Lewis, and Dan Silverstone. "Young Men Convicted of Firearms Offences in England and Wales: An Exploration of Family and Educational Background as Opportunities for Prevention." Policy Studies 29.2 (2008): 163-78. Print.

This article shows the trend of offenses related to gun violence going on in the UK.

Round Up the Usual Suspects

Kirk, David. "Round Up the Usual Suspects." Journal of Criminal Law 73.2 (2009): 115-17. Print.

This article creates a counterargument to the notion that, despite having strict gun control laws, the UK has higher murder rates than that of the US.

Gun control and snowdrop.

Thomson, Stuart, Lara Stancich, and Lisa Dickson. "Gun Control and Snowdrop." Parliamentary Affairs 51.3 (1998): 329-44. Print.

This article shows the opinion of the British public shortly after the 1997 firearms act was passed.

Violence and gun crime.

Adshead, G., P. Fonagy, and S. P. Sarkar. "Violence and Gun Crime." Bmj 335.7625 (2007): 837. Print.

This excerpt provides a possible solution to children later becoming involved with gang violence, which is cited as being a large contributing factor to gun violence in Britain. (Provides a possible solution to gun violence in a larger scheme)

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