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prewrite 2

Post  Nicklauskro on Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:35 pm

Salvatore, Robert A. "Outsourcing." Business Mexico 3.11 (1993): 45. Online Web.
Clear definitions and reasons for outsourceing
O’Hara,Marilyn. “Outsourcing Holds Hands With Economy: [1]” VARbusiness 20.12 (2004): 22. Online Web.

Statistsics on job creations and offshoring numbers and how it affects the economy

Rodgers,T. “The truth about outsourcing” Design & Test of Computers ,IEEE 22.1 (2005): 12-13. Web Journal.
Seperates media portrayel and facts of outsourcing

Sikula, Andrew. “Insourcing: reversing American outsourcing in the new world economy” SuperVision 71.8 (2010): 3-9. Web Journal.

Politics, ethics and logistics of outsourcing
Tyson, Laura D’andrea. “Outsourcing: Who’s Safe Anymore?” Business Week 3871 (2004): 26. Web Journal.

Who outsourcing really affects and to what extent?


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