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Research Paper Prewriting 1

Post  Atticus P on Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:11 am

How has outlawing firearms in the United Kingdom affected violent crime rates and deaths associated with violent crime?

In 1997 the United Kingdom passed the Firearms Act, which outlawed the possession of any firearm that wasn’t made before 1917, wasn’t of historical significance, or wasn’t aesthetically purposed (the examples Wikipedia gives are engraved or jeweled guns). After the ban, crimes involving firearms actually rose to as high as 24,000, each in the 2002/2003 and 2003/2004 years, but fell back down to a little over 11,000 in 2010/2011. This number represents 0.3% of all recorded crimes in the United Kingdom. (

In 1997, the number of crimes associated with firearms was 12,400. In 2010, there were 0.07 recorded intentional homicides committed with a firearm per 100,000 inhabitants, compared to the 3.0 in the United States. (

In 2010, the violent crime rate in the United Kingdom was roughly 85 per 1,000 people, while in the United States this number was 80 per 1,000 people. Breaking down the category, per 1,000 people, there were 13.8 burglaries in the UK as compared to 7.1 in the US. In the UK, there were 7.46 assault crimes as compared to 7.57 in the US. (

In the April 2010/March 2011 year, the most prominent firearm associated with violent crimes were air weapons (e.g. BB guns, airsoft guns), standing at 4,203, while the second most prominent were handguns, standing at 3,105. (

Gun laws in the United Kingdom continually become more and more stricter as backed by a large majority of the population. In October 2012, the UK government announced plans to enact legislation that would create a new crime entitled “possession with intent to supply” (in regards to firearms) and would increase the maximum sentencing for illegal distribution of firearms to life imprisonment. This recent movement towards new legislation was in response to the Cumbria shootings in 2010, in which a taxi driver killed 12 people and injured 11 others before ultimately killing himself. (

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