Cahpter 7 response

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Cahpter 7 response

Post  DanielTay on Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:02 pm

Why is recent media such as "Olympus has fallen" and "Red Dawn" does Hollywood depict America being taken over by Koreans in spite of recent threats by North Korea
- research the way government uses media to get americans excited about war
- research wars between America and Korea and the outcome
- research recent wars and and events and their ties into foreshadowing war

If America never started the war on terror what could have been done to better protect our resources and prohibit us from increasing the National Debt.
-research the way america reacted to the acts of terrorism
- research what was done in to see if we really needed that many troops and resources to be over there
- Negate the cost of war from the recent GDP to find out how much money was spent


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