Chapter 7 Research

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Chapter 7 Research

Post  Atticus P on Fri Apr 12, 2013 5:41 am

If guns were completely banned from store shelves in America, would the deaths by violent acts decrease?
-Use statistics from other countries that have banned gun sales to determine rates of violent acts.
-Start in small areas and observe the rate of violent acts when guns have been pulled from the shelves. If it is successful, start widening the scope of the removal and continue to observe.
-If the violent acts do not decrease, look into alternative solutions to decreasing the violent crime rate in America.

For college graduates, what is the success rate of students being accepted into a field of their major field of study upon graduation? If the rate is low, look into potential reasons as to why this is.
-Take a survey of a random pool of recent graduates to see if they have gone into their field of study.
-Take a poll of local employers and ask about the number of students they typically take right out of college, and what they look for in a future employee.
-Take statistics of how many college graduates are unemployed right out of college and their major field of study.

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