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Weasel Word

Post  jazzmin on Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:37 pm

A weasel word can also be a phrase to mislead consumers to buy a company's product. According to Wikipedia, you see weasel words in advertisements and letters of recommendation. Weasel words are also in English papers, politics, and corporate business'. If I had to explain to a friend, I would discuss how people don't realize that the goal is to confuse audiences because someone is trying to avoid direct communication.
After reading the passage, I like how old gives a background on the meaning. I also like how they introduce vivid words to make it feel like you are in the healing therapy yourself. The author pulls in an audience by breaking down the the therapy, treating the body by transferring energy. I don't like how they said, "it is said that secret symbols are also used during the the healing process to help heal the individual of their ailment," This sentence sounds falsified, not all secrets are even said to be true.


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