rhetorical analysis

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rhetorical analysis

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Rhetorical analysis is used in a paper to apply to a text or image. Examples where you may see a rhetorical analysis may be in speeches, essays, advertisements, poems, and photographs.
"Rhetoric involves four key elements: writer, reader, text and medium. When you think about these elements, posting questions about the options available to you as a writer, you are analyzing your rhetorical situation." (42) Rhetoric situation is the ways in which you converse. Rhetoric situation usually is the context in which you write, compared to the culture in which you write. Rhetoric situation usually consists of a writer, purpose, audience, topic, context, and culture.
On page 55 the author discusses the topics logos, ethos, and pathos. We find out that "logos is the appeal to reason, pathos is the appeal to emotion, values, and beliefs, and ethos is the appeal to the credibility of the speaker or writer." If a friend asked to define the topics in my own words, I would explain to them that Logos is where you to elaborate on facts and figures that bear the claim of a paper. Pathos is how you come off to your audience, metaphors and similes are used to represent pathos in a claim. Last ethos is where the presenter is receiving appeal due to credibility.


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