Ongs literacy

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Ongs literacy

Post  James k on Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:18 pm

In his paper Ong states that literacy is "imperious", in that, he says, "“it tends to arrogate to itself supreme power by taking itself as normative for human expression and thought.” What Ong means by this is that literacy has become a norm that cannot be changed, it has become a dictator to our everyday life and will always be apart of it. Furthermore, as human beings, being as technologically advanced as we are, it has now become impossible to be illiterate in life. But one could argue that it is impossible to be "truly" literate today because there is so much that one can be "literate" in. To "truly" be literate (as we have discussed on earlier topics) one has to fully grasp and understand the concepts of that particular subject, which is impossible for humans because our mind doesn't work like that. Now it would be fine to say that humans can be literate in specific topics in life, for instance, you wouldn't find a heart surgeon working in a mechanic shop. People preform to the best of their abilities when they focus on a small category of things to be "truly" literate in. Which is what our society is based on today.

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