Ong's Paper

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Ong's Paper

Post  kirstenpollmann on Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:41 am

Ong's paper is all about literacy and how it is reflected in our modern day society. He argues how literacy has definitely changed from generation to generation. Ong also talks about how technology keeps on developing and becoming more prominent, literacy levels have gone down. He also goes on to say literacy is almost a second nature type of thing for us. It is something that comes very naturally to us, and constantly surrounds us. When people, who are literate, read or see words, they see if more than just letters in the alphabet. We see the colors, shapes, places, events that the words are describing or talking about. In the second part of the essay, Ong goes on to talk about Plato and how Plato, said that writing was actually ruining literacy, because when you write, it is a "fake" literacy. Plato goes on to say how literacy is not as natural as we think.


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