Ong's Argument

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Ong's Argument

Post  mgreteman on Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:40 am

In this reading, Ong uses the word "imperious" to described literacy. Imperious, by definition, means assuming power or authority without justification. Ong says that literacy "takes itself as normative for human expression and thought" which essentially means that literacy is important for every aspect of expression and thought. He also talks about how important literacy is for high-technology cultures because they are "built on literacy of necessity and which encourage the impression that literacy is an always to be expected and even natural state of affairs". From Ong's perspective, literacy is also incredibly important in high-technology cultures and that is recognized by multiple people. Ong also discusses the illiterate and how their lack of knowledge of literacy "tends to be thought of as a lack of a simple mechanical skill". He goes on to make the argument that the ability to read and write is as important as the ability to tie your shoes or drive a car, and how shocking it is that illiterates were never taught these things.


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