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Ong's Paper

Post  garrettL on Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:00 am

In the paper Ong argues that literacy is very important in modern day society and people who are illiterate lack literacy and need to learn the written language. In the paper he says, "Moreover, in high-technology cultures-which, more and more, are setting the style for cultures across the world-
since literacy is regarded as so unquestionably normative and normal, the deviancy of illiterates tends to be thought of as lack of a simple mechanical skill. Illiterates should learn writing as they learned to tie their shoe-laces or to drive a car". This shows that he believes writing is a key component of literacy and without understanding the written language you lack literacy which is so vital in today's
"high-technology" world.
In the second part Ong starts to talk about why writing is ruining literacy. He talks about how Plato felt the same way about computers. Ong says, "Writing is simply a thing, something to be
manipulated, something inhuman, artificial, a manufactured product". This is showing that writing is not true literacy because it is fake and a manufactured product. Writing distorts what is thought in the mind.


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