Ongs response

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Ongs response

Post  Nicklauskro on Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:13 am

Ong's argument is that while literacy is the norm it hasn't always been. Ong says that literacy has evolved in the modern world especially in the highest class first world. He says that while it seems to be everywhere, specifically regarding writing, there are strictly oral areas. Literacy from the beginning did not exist it has not until relatively recently played a large role. Further more he makes the connection between writing and technology ( computers) by linking Plato's commentary on written word and our generations complaints about computers. He also talked about how even though Plato argued against writing, we may not know about his opposition to written word without the use of written word. This subtle contradiction could be seen as an argument for computers and the furthering of literacy. Ultimately, I think he was saying that while we assume literacy is natural it is not, but there are positive uses for literacy.


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