What is Literacy?

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What is Literacy?

Post  maddiesch on Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:16 pm

1. Gee describes discourse to fully explain the meaning of literacy. Discourse is a certain language, actions, and thinking to identify one with their social group. Gee uses a lot of explanations to fully prove his thoughts on literacy, but one of them is that discourses are ideological, or . Each discourse has a set language, rules, viewpoints, and important concepts. Gee also elaborates on how we learn to read through analysis and understanding in our thought processes and through school and homework. He describes using thought process or a sense to acquire this knowledge as an acquisition, and school taught knowledge gained through teaching is called learning. As expands on this idea and others for their importance in the growing of knowledge and social cultures.

2. The reading did change some of my understanding of literacy. It talked more about people's different cultures. We all have different lives, languages, thoughts, and actions applying to our social group. I think I may talk more about the theater culture in my writing. The theater culture is a group of high school teens who enjoy singing, dancing, and making friends. I can elaborate some more in my story.


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