Gee's literacy

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Gee's literacy

Post  James k on Wed Mar 13, 2013 4:30 pm

Gee pretty much says that literacy discourse is dependent of the situation a person is in, such as who they're with, culture, what your're doing, etc. He then talks about what the difference between learning and acquiring. He states that learning is the ability to break down a situation and analyze it. He defines acquiring as subconsciously obtaining information though modeling and repetition. Gee says that schools tend to focus on learning, and lacks in acquiring. Primary and secondary discourse. Primary discourse is acquisition through repetition. He then says that a primary discourse is the language that you grow up learning and that secondary discourse is the expansion of the primary discourse.

This did not really change my views on literacy, is only strengthens the fact that literacy is dependent on so many things and that it may very well be impossible to be completely literate in anything.

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