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Gee's Literacy

Post  Nick Jones on Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:48 pm

Gee defines literacy as the understanding of a certain subject that we gain from the processes of learning and acquisition. The subject can be most anything, from a skill to a culture to a science. Learning is simply the way we gain general knowledge about the subject. Though learning is traditionally thought of by means of a teacher and classroom scenario, one can learn from almost anything or anyone. Acquisition is different from learning altogether. Acquisition refers to how we take what we have learned in the past and apply it to the subject we are focussing on now.

Overall, this did not change my thoughts on literacy too much. I understood from previous discussion that literacy could be in a variety of subjects. I alson realized that learning could come from anywhere. The only thing that was kind of new was the idea of acquisition. It makes sense, but will probably not alter my paper too drastically.

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