What is Literacy?

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What is Literacy?

Post  SalSciara on Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:18 pm

Gee defined literacy by explaining learning, aqcuisition and discourse. Discourse is knowing the ways and values of a certain group such as a socioeconomic class or a certain culture. He also says you inheret one discourse that you grow up in. He also expains how when you learn something it is being taught to you, not nessacarly by a teacher though. Acquiring something is gaining knowledge by being apart of it such as learning a second language in a counrty that speaks that language instead of a classroom.
I wouldn't say this changed my view of literacy but it broadened my understanding of it. I never knew what dicourse meant before but I have always had an understanding of the concept. This will definitly help me in my literacy story because of the way it broadened my understanding. I specifically like how Gee used examples to explain what he is saying.


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