Gee's Definition of Literacy

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Gee's Definition of Literacy

Post  ElisiaSan on Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:59 am

Gee’s definition of Literacy was not just a definition of literacy but a background and definition of other words as well. Literacy to Gee is a control of secondary use of language. He uses the word discourse to describe and give history of literacy. Discourse is used by Gee as “not as a mess term,” but as “a socially accepted association among ways of using language, of thinking, and of acting that can be used to identify oneself as a member of a socially meaningful group or social network.” There were many words that Gee put a meaning to that you would have to understand to be able to understand the way he defines literacy.

This did not change my understanding of literacy. This is Gee using his own literacy and language to describe the word literacy. It gives me a more grounded meaning the way he defined the words he used, but I still have the same understanding of the word.


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