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literacy literacy

Post  Shuaiqi Chen on Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:59 am

1. First he uses a word ” discourse” to explain the literacy. Discourse means a socially accepted association among ways of using language, of thinking, and of acting that can be used to identify oneself as a member of a socially meaningful group or a social network. And he talks about the extinction between learning and acquisition. Then he defines literacy as a control of secondary use of language (i.e., uses of language in secondary discourses). Thus there re as many applications of the word “literacy” as these are secondary discourses, which is many.
Dominant literacy is control of a secondary use of language used in what I called above a “dominant discourse”
Powerful literacy is control as a secondary use of language used in a secondary discourse that can serve as a meta-discourse to critique the primary discourse of other secondary discourses, including dominant discourses. So what he says is literacy is the approach of using language in different way in different situation2. It doesn’t really change my understanding of literacy a lot, but it dose make the definition more clear for me. My literacy story is about learning new specialized language in biology class. After I read Gee’s article, I should mention how I actually use those new language in biology class.

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