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late for feb 13

Post  murphy on Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:45 pm

I think the author of this article did a sucsessful job describing what reiki therapy was and the definition on it. The writer makes sure to address the therapy by name every time making sure that you do not get this type of therapy confused with anything else in the text. The writer makes sure to use words such as “believe” when talking about the people perfomring this therapy which gets the point across that the writer is not saying that he thinks the therapy is sucsessful or not. He also does a good job describing exactly how to perform this, who engages in this type of therapy, and what it is used for.
I was unsure why the catholics don’t believe in reiki therapy and would want to know why they don’t. I also did not understand what the writer meant at the end of the paragraph when he said “Medicine have not yet approved the Reiki healing therapy, but they have not disapproved it either.” I would prefer the writer to be more specific with what he or she meant by this.


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