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Post  keenanada on Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:38 am

As a sophomore in high school transferring to the local public school, I was overwhelmed with anticipation of what my new school would be like. But, more importantly, how my soccer team would be. I had been playing with the same guys since 5th grade, and switching teams after so long was sure to be a difficult transition. On the day of the first pre-season scrimmage, I went out there with an open mind to the team, and a positive attitude towards this change. I utilized my knowledge of soccer to the fullest, and showed my new teammates my skills. Even though they were used to playing together, I stayed vocal throughout the game to prove to them I knew my stuff.

It was a Saturday morning in July. 8:30 to be precise. I walked onto the Richwoods High school soccer field and stood in my position. The scrimmage commenced. As the newest player on the team, I needed to play my heart out to win the respect of my fellow teammates. Playing left midfielder, I was able to interact with most of my teammates, defense and offense, and get a feel for their technique. Parents and siblings watched the teams in anticipation of who would win the scrimmage. However, my main focus at the time was showing my skills to my coach and new team.


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