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Post  Demetrius.Ste on Wed Mar 06, 2013 3:40 pm

Growing up it took me a while to think about what I wanted to become when I "grew up." Although since I played basketball majority of my life, I figured that's what I would be doing the rest of my life. As I got older mine and I both strayed away from basketball, and I got really interested in the medical field. Therefore in high school I did exceptionally well, especially in math and science, those were two classes I really loved. So I took it upon myself to enroll in all of the science and math classes my high school had to offer. There one year in which I had AP calculus, AP biology, and honors chemistry. Even though I took two science classes at one time plus an intense math class, I understood them all and passed.

Once I got to college that all changed, everything seem like a different language. Taking biology and chemistry in college made feel like I have never been exposed to those classes. No matter how many I went to class or look at my notes, it would just never sink in. Coming into college I was focused on becoming a doctor, but this science made me consider changing my major. I eventually passed the classed, but it was a serious struggle.


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