Literacy, Video Games, and Pop Culture

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Literacy, Video Games, and Pop Culture

Post  Demetrius.Ste on Wed Mar 06, 2013 3:10 pm

After reading this I found it to be a very interesting paper, and Gee was a writer who can easily connect with his readers. We all know literacy is the basic ability to read and write.I like how he discussed literacy and explained how it can apply to multiple things. For example, when he talked about Yu-Gi-Oh, that part really made the paper form to me. Even though I understood the concept of the reading, there was some difficult parts of the reading. Some of the language and concepts that were used. He opened my eyes to the different variations of literacy can used and applied. His examples and flow of the paper really brought it together.

The literacy difficulties I have are:
1) Talks about politics
2) Some conversations about music
3) Talks about the new
4) Medical terms


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