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Specialized Language

Post  taylorfoster on Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:17 pm

Before I came to college I thought for sure that I was going to be a nurse. Although I ended up changing my mind once I got to college; in high school I took a lot of science classes that I thought would help me succeed in becoming a nurse. One of the most memorable classes that taught me a lot of new language I had never used before was anatomy. I was learning new words such as “angiography”, “anconeus”, “amygdala”, and many other words that had to do with the anatomy of the human body.

In high school I loved taking science classes. I loved chemistry, physics, biology, and especially anatomy. Ever since I was little I always said that I was going to work in the medical field so learning all about the human body in anatomy was very interesting to me. I remember the second or third day of class my teacher started rambling on using many words I had never even heard of before. I remember sitting in my desk thinking to myself “This class is going to be rough.” Although at first I had a tough time learning all the new words and parts of the body I had never heard of before at the end of the year I myself had learned my own new “specialized” language.


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