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Post  kirstenpollmann on Fri Mar 01, 2013 1:23 pm

From sixth grade to senior in high school i was highly involved in music. In sixth grade i started off with the basic choral class and a little bit of reading the music and learning the way of writing and putting a piece together. I loved everything about the music and how you could express yourself in such a easy way. We used terms such as a capella - signing without instruments. Allegretto which is singing or playing in a moderately fast pace. Or fermata which is when the chorus and accompanists hold the last note at until the conductor makes a movement to cut it off.
Chorus was held in the chorus room, which in high school was a like a mini amphitheater, all our desks where places on risers and the room was centered around the grand piano with our instructor playing it. And when you got on the actual stage to sing in front of a crowd, i would get a sudden rush of adrenaline, the though that all these people came to see you perform was the best feeling in the world.


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