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In my highschool years i was considered one of the best people on my football team. I received letters in track, wrestling, and football. I was the same height that i am now but i weigh currently 170 in highschool i was 205 pounds. But since i was good in sports i was a team captain. I was defensive captain and i was the person who called the plays, using specialized language such as Dog,Outlaw,base etc. I was able to tell the rest of my team who to blitz whose supposed to drop back in coverage and things like that.

Football has its own language every team ive ever played for constructed its own language using simple english words that mean something else. I remember my sophmore year we were playing against our rival school gateway high at their school. Mizzous current Defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson was my guy i had to cover, he played TE (tight end) and i was a MLB (middle linebacker). The whole game almost Coach told me to run base (our regular 3-4 defense) but to play man (single receiver coverage) on sheldon with extra heat on top (hit him as hard as you can). I stopped him from scoring a few times that game. Yes i have tackled Big Sheldon.


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