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Post  Nicklauskro on Fri Mar 01, 2013 5:51 am

My junior year presented me with an interesting challenge. The class was accelerated pre-calculus and it was one of the hardest classes in high school. The class treated math as a language and a specialistic one at that. Math was one of my better subjects but this was new to me. We learned new math terms, their purpose and how to use them. Our teacher had an unusual way of teaching us. He would make us learn it then correct and guide us.

Because he made us do most of the work ourselves, we learned the material so much better. It was more difficult, but once we had it down, we understood the concept exceptionally well. In high school most of the classes the teachers just talked at you. The change in technique really helped. I am happy we learned that way because it taught us more than just the language, it taught us how to learn any language on our own. It was probably the most memorable class in highschool and we walked away knowing a new "specialistic" language.


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