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Post  ElisiaSan on Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:24 pm

I stood completely silent. For if I spoke, no one would be able to hear or understand me. Maybe one or two people could read my lips but only if they were staring at me. I felt so alone, but amazed. For someone to be able to hold a conversation with just their hands and facial expressions was beyond me. I was attending school with my younger sister for the week just to see how she was doing. My sister is half deaf, meaning she cannot hear without a hearing aid.

We were at my little sister’s school in Virginia, Beach. The hallway to the ASL building was long, but colorful. Little colored construction paper hands that spelled welcome to our school, I later found out when I asked my sister, and other art work. It seemed as though everything used their hands which was their way of communication. I only wished that I could speak sign language, or use it. When I arrived to the classroom it looked as though there was an explosion of hand prints all over the walls. Like a normal 4th grade classroom, there hung rules and common sayings posters. I remember having to introduce myself in sign language, something my sister and I had practiced the night before. The class just looked at me and smiled and that was the moment I felt as though they could understand me.


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