Assignment literacy video games etc.

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Assignment literacy video games etc.

Post  DanielTay on Wed Feb 27, 2013 1:35 pm

In this paper Gee defines literacy as many things , from vernacular used in a yu-gi-oh game to text in a school text book. He also connects video games to literacy. A problem that i found is that children dont reatain information about reading that the should , but can remember a list of complex rules used in a yugioh game or a video game. I feel that Gee's point is fairly valid because even with my experieces with games i can remember every charachter and their name spelling but something as simple as deciphering the difference between couch and coach as a child brought up problems with
me. If videogames and learning where to be integrated i feel that the youth would learn better.

Things im illiterate in:
greek life
Slang other then from stlouis city


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