Literacy, Videogames, and Pop Culture

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Literacy, Videogames, and Pop Culture

Post  keenanada on Wed Feb 27, 2013 1:29 pm

Gee uses literacy in his paper to emphasize that children are able to retain information from video games, but struggle with memorizing information at school. He makes the claim that video games and pop culture are actually effective ways of learning. He also argues that teaching in schools should begin following the structure of the video games because it will make it easier for information to be ingrained in children's minds.

I completely agree with this argument. I believe Gee gave solid examples that helped back up his points. For example, "Fourth, the mother relates the current talk and text to other texts with which the child is familiar: “You have an oviraptor on your game! You know the egg game on your computer? That’s what it is, an oviraptor”;" Here, the mother successfully related the egg game back to the child's video game. This helps the child familiarize with the oviraptor.

I find myself to be literate in:
Men's Clothing
Hip-hop music


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