Literacy, Video Games, and Popular Culture Response

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Literacy, Video Games, and Popular Culture Response

Post  mgreteman on Wed Feb 27, 2013 12:35 pm

In the reading, Gee starts off by mentioning that children often are able to pass early reading tests, but cannot read well enough to learn academic content later on. He also talks about how important it is for children to continue improving their vernacular, and how video games and other means of pop culture are effective in helping them do so. Gee makes many claims about video games and how they can be beneficial. In summary, he says that video games improve people's literacy because they have to be able to understand how to operate it and how to be successful, and this varies with each game available.

I think that Gee makes a great amount of claims in this writing and I think that it is easy to agree with him and see where he is coming from because of how much evidence he is able to back up his arguments with.

-greek phrases and words
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