Literacy, Video Games and Popular Culture

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Literacy, Video Games and Popular Culture

Post  kirstenpollmann on Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:28 am

Gee uses literacy in his paper to connect learning in school with the idea of video games. The problem at hand is that children in school are not retaining the information that they learn in their core classes such as mathematics and science. One things in which children know and retain information from is card games and video games, because they need to remember the language and rules of the game to continue playing. To play video games and card games, you have to be literate in their rules and language. You can't simply start playing a video game without knowing the background story, the slang they use and what limits you have. Theoretically, if school teachers could take the same teaching approach as video games do, children would be better off retaining the knowledge they learned in school that day, and through the following weeks.
I believe Gee's argument is for the most part valid, although i, personally, have never played a video or card game. I have though watched and listened to my three younger brother's while they are playing video games and Gee is right, you have to be video game literate in order to keep playing the game. My brothers know all the language that the characters use, what limits are placed on their character's and the background story. They also will play their games at least once a day to keep what they have learned, fresh so they can continue playing. Coming from a student who has never enjoyed my core classes because i never found them interesting, i believe this could be a fresh take on teaching and could really help students stay focused and interested in the material they are learning.
Communications I am literate in:
-Sorority and Fraternity "Greek" talk
-swim team slang
-work talk


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